Friday, 23 March 2018

Siam Toppan Packaging won CSR-DIW Awards 2015

“Siam Toppan Packaging” won CSR-DIW Awards 2015. The company has committed to social and environmental development sustainably, expecting 10% growth in 2016 with bold feature of one-stop service for customers.

Mr. Shintaro Shimamune, Managing Director of Siam Toppan Packaging Co., Ltd. - the offset-printed packaging manufacturer, revealed that the company was awarded the CSR-DIW Awards 2015 for the first time for participating in the project of developing industrial operators’ social responsibilities 2015 which was organized by the Department of Industrial Works to upgrade and improve the coexistence between the industrial and community sustainably.

In this contest, the company assigned the team in different units to ensure working according to the requirements or evaluation criteria of the Department of Industrial Works and to ensure successful execution. The operation and execution shall not affect the environment and communities around the factory.

The company divided the operation into two parts: 1) The negative impact on the environment shall be taken control and the environmental friendly raw materials are used; and 2) enhancing the communities’ income from the production of waste raw materials, such as basketworks from PP band.

“The award also reflects the company’s policy on being industrial factory that is responsible and operates activities for society, community and environment, ensuring sustainable growth with social responsibility. The quality of living of employees, communities and resources are to grow and improve along with the business and in line with the carrying capacity of the factory itself, including seven main areas: organizational governance, human rights, labor, the environment, the fair practices, consumers and contribution in improving the community and society” Mr. Shintaro said.

Gaining from this award, the company viewed it increasing pride and confidence to employees in working process and procedure that look to the environment and have been accepted by external sectors as well as ensuring suppliers, business partners, customers and

Mr. Shintaro added the business plan 2016 that the company will increase its share in the production of packaging that requires more control on cleanliness and hygienic, such as packaging for cosmetics and food. Currently, the company production goes 30% for clean and hygienic control products and 70% for general manufactured products. The company has total production capacity of 18 billion tons per year.

The growth rate of the company is aimed to increase by 5-10% per year. In 2016, the company expects to grow over 10% in which the company has not yet defined a clear map to meet such goal because it has to be based on the trend in domestic economy.

Mr. Shintaro concluded that the distinctive point of the company is providing one-stop service to customer that covers the operation process from product designs, prepress and die-cut. In addition, the company has high potential R&D team in developing machinery to respond to a wide range of product manufacture and innovation products to add value to the products of its customers.


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